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  1. Forest Nightmare

    I had a nightmare today which I think can be made into a good horror movie.

  2. Analyzing Hand Cricket using Game Theory

    Hand cricket is a popular game among children in India. I analyzed it using game theory and got my findings published at FSTTCS, a well-known CS theory conference!

  3. LaTeX tips

    This article lists LaTeX tips. The primary audience of this article is academic researchers who write math-heavy papers using LaTeX. To prevent stating facts that are either obvious or irrelevant, most of these tips are based on subtle 'mistakes' by other researchers and students, and mistakes by me pointed out by my collaborators.

  4. Weird dream 2

  5. The No-Brainer Dal Recipe

    This article gives a very simple recipe for cooking dal, invented by my mom. It's easier than the recipes I found on the internet, and easier than the recipes that my friends use. This recipe is great if you want to reduce the time you spend cooking or if you're new to cooking and want to start simple.

  6. Weird dream

  7. Gems of Wikipedia

    A list of Wikipedia articles about strange and wonderful things.

  8. The Math behind Juggling

    This article explains how math can be applied to juggling, a seemingly non-mathematical area. This gives us more insight into what really goes on in a juggling pattern and helps us automate the process of finding new juggling patterns.

  9. Generalizing Segment Trees

    How I generalized segment trees by expressing range query outputs as elements of a monoid and update operations as functions.

  10. A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing your MacBook

    This post contains a list of all the things I did to customize my MacBook. Most instructions here are useful only for programmers and power users.

  11. Making a keyboard-navigable collapsible without JavaScript

    A 'collapsible' is content whose visibility can be toggled by clicking something. However, users without a mouse should also be able to open the collapsed content. This article explains how to make a keyboard-navigable collapsible without using JavaScript.

  12. Juggling 101

    This is an article for those who wish to learn juggling and have absolutely no prior experience. Here you will find links to resources that will help you learn your first juggling pattern and suggestions about what kind of balls to use, what posture you should have, etc.

  13. How to juggle 3 balls in 1 hand

    I discovered a simpler way of learning to juggle 3 balls in 1 hand.