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Weird dream 2

I had a weird 2-part dream today. The two parts were happening kind-of parallely, but I'll narrate them sequentially for clarity.

Part 1

One of my friends' place expanded from a 2-bedroom apartment to a large mansion/dorm. Many people were living in it: I, some of my friends, and a few strangers.

There was a large almost-empty room somewhere in his mansion. The only furniture in that room was two maroon 3-seater sofas on opposite ends of the room. I played indoor soccer in that room against a woman, treating the sofas as goals. That woman is a senior professor at a large US university (I know who she is but I've never talked to her and I won't name her here).

After the game ended, I got hungry and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. The kitchen was very dirty. I don't know why, but I had a sudden urge to clean the place before having breakfast. I washed dishes, cleaned the stove, took out the trash, threw expired stuff from the fridge, etc. But even after spending what felt like an eternity, there was still a lot more to be done! It was as if the kitchen was magically dirtying itself.

Part 2

I was in high school (in Delhi). It was winter and I was feeling cold. A mysterious person offered me a black hoodie. I took it and put it on without asking any questions.

We went to the sports ground and students saw that large ice Stalagmites had formed on the floor. Students started hurling them in the air like Javelins in random directions. It was like the unofficial IISc Holi celebration, but with a lot less people and ice javelins instead of clothes. I had to keep dodging them to prevent getting impaled. I kept telling them this is a bad idea but they all ignored me. I ran to an edge of the field to reduce the variance in directions of javelins approaching me.

Then an alien spaceship arrived (stereotypically circular in shape). It started shooting bombs and lasers at us. I realized that people wearing black hoodies were unaffected by its lasers.