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Weird dream

I had a weird 2-part dream today. Here's what happened in them.

Part 1

I had to get Vladimir Putin's signature on a document (I don't remember why). So he visited my house. I went to my room to get the form, but I couldn't find it, even after looking everywhere in my room. I told him that I couldn't find the form, so I would print another one. But my printer refused to print because it was low on cyan, even though the form was completely black-and-white. I troubleshooted the printer while Putin patiently waited behind me.

Disclaimer: I'm not interested in or aware of Russian politics. Then why was Putin in my dreams? I have no idea.

Part 2

I was attending a lecture at a university. There was a loud noise outside, so all the students rushed out to see what's going on. It turns out that Saraswati Devi had come flying on a huge swan and landed near our lecture building. Then Elsa and Anna come out of their labs, hop on the huge swan, and leave with Saraswati. We get to know that Elsa and Anna are actually PhD students in our university's biology department.

An animal (either an owl or a deer or a human; I forgot which exactly) walks up to us, claiming to be an agent of Saraswati. He claims that Elsa and Anna have been chosen by God to complete holy quests. He offers monetary remuneration to Elsa and Anna's advisor. The advisor cries, "Just giving me money won't help. You took away my best PhD students. I'll have to restart my experiments from scratch. How will I get tenure now?"

Disclaimer: I'm not a religious person or a Frozen fan. Then why were Saraswati and Elsa in my dreams? I have no idea. Also, that's not how tenure works.