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  1. The No-Brainer Dal Recipe

    This article gives a very simple recipe for cooking dal, invented by my mom. It's easier than the recipes I found on the internet, and easier than the recipes that my friends use. This recipe is great if you want to reduce the time you spend cooking or if you're new to cooking and want to start simple.

  2. A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing your MacBook

    This post contains a list of all the things I did to customize my MacBook. Most instructions here are useful only for programmers and power users.

  3. Making a keyboard-navigable collapsible without JavaScript

    A 'collapsible' is content whose visibility can be toggled by clicking something. However, users without a mouse should also be able to open the collapsed content. This article explains how to make a keyboard-navigable collapsible without using JavaScript.

  4. How to juggle 3 balls in 1 hand

    I discovered a simpler way of learning to juggle 3 balls in 1 hand.