Eklavya Sharma

Photograph of me juggling 3 clubs
Github: sharmaeklavya2 Linkedin: sharmaeklavya2 Twitter: ekujupr Mastodon: @eklavya@mathstodon.xyz YouTube: @ekujupr Codeforces: eku
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I'm a PhD student at ISE, UIUC since August 2021, advised by Prof. Jugal Garg. My research is on fair division, and I'm broadly interested in theoretical computer science.

Before joining UIUC, I was an MTech Research student at CSA, IISc Bangalore, advised by Prof. Arindam Khan. There I worked on approximation algorithms for packing problems, like knapsack and bin packing.

Before joining IISc, I was a software engineer at media.net Bangalore for a year. My work involved machine learning and large-scale systems. Before that, I was an undergraduate Computer Science student at BITS Pilani.

I juggle in my free time. I can juggle up to 5 balls and up to 3 clubs.