Eklavya Sharma

About Me

I am a fourth year student pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science at BITS Pilani. I love algorithms, math and programming.

I juggle in my free time. I can juggle upto 5 balls and 3 clubs. I sometimes blog about juggling and computer science.

Favorite courses

Out of all the courses I have done at BITS Pilani, these are my favorites.

CS G526 Advanced Algorithms and Complexity
BITS F464 Machine Learning
CS F463 Cryptography
CS F364 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
MATH F243 Graphs and Networks
CS F351 Theory of Computation
CS F211 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS F222 Discrete Structures in Computer Science
MATH F113 Probability and Statistics

Sport Programming

I like solving algorithmic problems on online judges and this has been my primary pastime. I often take part in programming contests, like ACM-ICPC.

ACM ICPC on-site regionals

  • Rank 48 in Amritapuri 2017.
  • Rank 30 in Kharagpur 2016.
  • Rank 66 in Amritapuri 2016.
  • Rank 88 in Amritapuri 2015.

Contests where I have set problems


Mitigating DNS-related DoS attacks using SDN (Sept 2017 - Dec 2017)

  • Study DNS-related DoS attacks and analyze mitigation strategies in literature.
  • Formulate a network architecture for mitigating DNS amplification attacks which can be implemented using Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Internship at Directi (May 2017 - July 2017)

Helped improve a news article classification algorithm.

Dynamic Path-planning Algorithms Framework (March 2017 - April 2017)

  • Created a framework for implementing and interactively visualizing path-planning algorithms which involve dynamic replanning.
  • Implemented some dynamic path planning algorithms (replanning Dijkstra and D*-lite) using that framework.

Compiler Construction Course Project (Feb 2017 - April 2017)

Created a compiler in C for a statically typed toy language.

Data Mining Course Project (Feb 2017 - April 2017)

Analyzed US Census dataset and forest covertype dataset.

Internet Whirlwind (Jan 2016 - March 2016)

Web application for an online quiz organized by BITS-ACM.

Checkmate (Aug 2015 - Sept 2015)

Web application for an online quiz organized by BITS-ACM. It features webglearth.




I am a member of BITS-ACM - BITS Pilani's ACM student chapter.


BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.
  • Expected to graduate by summer 2018.
  • Current CGPA: 9.015 / 10.

Amity International School, Saket, New Delhi

  • Graduated XII grade (CBSE) with 91.6%.
  • Graduated X grade (CBSE) with a CGPA of 10.

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