Eklavya Sharma

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Github: sharmaeklavya2 Linkedin: sharmaeklavya2 Twitter: ekujupr YouTube: @ekujupr Codeforces: eku
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I'm a PhD student at ISE, UIUC since August 2021, advised by Prof. Jugal Garg. My main research interests are algorithms and game theory, and I'm currently working on fair division problems.

Before joining UIUC, I was an MTech Research student at CSA, IISc Bangalore, advised by Prof. Arindam Khan. There I worked on approximation algorithms for packing problems, like knapsack and bin packing.

Before joining IISc, I was a software engineer at media.net Bangalore for a year. My work involved machine learning and large-scale systems. Before that, I was an undergraduate Computer Science student at BITS Pilani.

In my free time, I lift weights and juggle. I can juggle up to 5 balls and up to 3 clubs.