Eklavya: Notes

I write down important stuff for later reference. I used to do it in notebooks made of paper, but they are hard to edit, hard to share, and quite non-portable. So now I use digital formats, like PDF and HTML.

There is no single format that is appropriate for all of my notes. As a result, my notes are stored in different places, and each place has a different format. Here I'll provide links to most of them.

  1. TheoremDep

    Github: sharmaeklavya2/theoremdep-source.
  2. Standalone Notes

    Github: sharmaeklavya2/notes-source.
  3. Article Gists

    Github: sharmaeklavya2/articleGists.
  4. Web of Reductions

    Github: sharmaeklavya2/web-of-reductions.