Eklavya: Papers and Publications

  1. Geometry Meets Vectors: Approximation Algorithms for Multidimensional Packing with Arindam Khan and K. V. N. Sreenivas arXiv:2106.13951
  2. Tight Approximation Algorithms for Geometric Bin Packing with Skewed Items with Arindam Khan, to appear in APPROX 2021 arXiv:2105.02827
  3. Harmonic Algorithms for Packing d-dimensional Cuboids Into Bins arXiv:2011.10963
  4. An Approximation Algorithm for Covering Linear Programs and its Application to Bin-Packing arXiv:2011.11268
  5. Approximation Algorithms for Generalized Multidimensional Knapsack with Arindam Khan and K. V. N. Sreenivas arXiv:2102.05854
  6. Analysis of the Harmonic Function Used in Bin-Packing arXiv:2011.11618
  7. Mitigating DNS Amplification Attacks Using a Set of Geographically Distributed SDN Routers with Vishal Gupta, in ICACCI 2018 doi:10.1109/ICACCI.2018.8554459